Nature is Calling is a visual adventure in the outdoors. While walking through the pages, readers observe animals in their natural environment and find themselves getting lost in the wonder of the woods! The focus of this book is children exploring wildlife in nature; the purpose… to facilitate a greater connection to nature; the message…Nature is calling!  The book is for children; to be read by children, teachers, parents, grandparents and guardians.  It encourages all to think about nature and to engage in meaningful conversation. Using simple text and poignant, straightforward questions coupled with detailed imagery, Nature Is Calling provides just enough detail to engage the reader s interest, imagination and curiosity. The natural world is one of the best environments for children to explore, absorb, and enjoy. Research shows that being in nature is associated with numerous benefits including better physical, mental, and emotional health. Nature provokes children into thought, action, and formulating their own ideas. When children play in nature they begin to develop a connection, an understanding of plants and animals as living things like themselves. So, it s not just fun! Connecting with nature is healthy and it is essential for helping children learn to care for and to protect our natural world.