On May 22, 2021 my second award-winning picture book titled Roundup Rodeo. Published by Kicky Cane Press. Perfect for ages 3-7. Illustrated by Jennica Lounsbury.

The picture book features the likeness of several cowgirls and cowboys competing on the rodeo circuit. They include my friend Lariat Lynn Larner (breakaway roper) (who sadly lost her life in a car crash in October 2021), my mother’s ancestry from the Crow Nation rodeo (steer wrestler), and rising rodeo star Kortnee Solomon (bull rider).

Description: Roundup the herds and broncos, it’s time to rodeo! For rodeo-loving readers, this award-winning poetic western explores the outdoor rodeo featuring a frolicking red-nosed clown who entertains the crowd and brave cowgirls and fierce cowboys competing in rodeo events such as breakaway roping, steer wrestling, barrel racing, bronco riding, and bull riding. Roundup Rodeo won a Writer’s Digest writing competition award. A country life picture book for ages 3-7.

ISBN: 978-1-7342789-3-4