“Charlie and Me… We Run Together Fine” by Joe De Yong

Introduction By Dr. Larry Len Peterson Charlie and Nancy Russell considered Joe De Yong (1894-1975) the son they never had.  But he was more than a son.  He was a loyal friend, a confidant, a Russell biographer, and a connection to Charlie’s romanticized West.  Their relationship is a story within a story.  Joe De Yong


Remembering Russell’s West: Friend Dixon

Introduction from Dr. Larry Len Peterson One would be hard pressed to select another Western American artist who was as versatile, imaginative, and talented as Maynard Dixon. In 1994 the C.M. Russell Museum hosted “Desert Dreams,” an impressive traveling exhibition of seventy of the artist’s works, which was curated by Donald J. Hagerty who had


Remembering Russell’s West: Portraits of Change

Introduction from Dr. Larry Len Peterson The C.M. Russell Museum holds one of the largest and finest collections of Winold Reiss (1886-1953) paintings.  According to associate director Brenda Kornick, “We have thirty in the collection and twenty-six of them were donated by Peter and Christina Reiss in 1986. Tjark Reiss [Winold’s son] donated three and


Remembering Russell’s West: Montana’s Last Best Chance

Introduction from Dr. Larry Len Peterson There are many gems to be mined in the treasure state of Montana, but two of the finest are the Malcolm S. Mackay Collection of Charles M. Russell art and Kirby Lambert. Their legacy resides at the Montana Historical Society (MHS) in Helena. While the Mackay collection has thrilled


Remembering Russell’s West: The Unique Goldtones of Edward S. Curtis

Introduction from Dr. Larry Len Peterson In 1907 The New York Herald dubbed a planned photographic book series by Edward Sheriff Curtis as the “Most gigantic undertaking in the making of books since the King James edition of the Bible.”  Pulitzer Prize and National Book Award recipient Timothy Egan called The North American Indian, “The


Remembering Russell’s West: Portrait of Nancy Russell

Introduction from Dr. Larry Len Peterson William T. Ridgley, his future wife Josephine Trigg, Charlie, and Nancy Russell camping on the Dearborn River, 1898. Courtesy of the Big Sky Collection, Larry and LeAnne Peterson Kentucky born Nancy Cooper Russell (1878-1940), five feet and seven inches tall of magnificent womanhood, possessed beautiful eyes that


Remembering Russell’s West: CHARLES M. RUSSELL, SCULPTOR

Introduction from Dr. Larry Len Peterson Charlie Russell modeling wax. Eaton party in the Southwest. Almeron J. Baker photograph, October 1916. Courtesy of the Big Sky Collection, Larry and LeAnne Peterson Russell’s art is a big tent.  Fortunately, we have a grand ringmaster, Dr. Rick Stewart, who has contributed more to our understanding


Remembering Russell’s West: The Call of the Mountains

Introduction from Larry Len Peterson Nancy, son Jack, and Charlie Russell at Bull Head Lodge, summer 1924. Courtesy of the Big Sky Collection, Larry and LeAnne Peterson Glacier National Park has the type of views that keep postcard publishers in business. The mountains fanned the flames of Charlie Russell’s creative genius. He understood


Remembering Russell’s West: Letters Home

Introduction from Larry Len Peterson Welcome to the first installment of “Remembering Russell’s West.” It’s appropriate that we start with the first issue and feature Brian Dippie, authoring an article “Letters Home” about the correspondence Russell sent his friends back home while he was on the road with his wife Nancy as they chased

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