Upstairs Girls
Prostitution in the American West

by Michael Rutter

foreword by Phillip A. Snyder, PhD

Prostitutes make up one of the most engaging chapters in the story of the American West. Upstairs Girls opens a window on the lives of these women for hire.

Historian Michael Rutter offers a thorough and fascinating history of prostitution in the West, detailing why women turned to this profession and what their lives were like. Chapters on the notorious madams, the tragic Chinese sex trade, occupational hazards, rowdy dancehall girls, and the efforts of the “Moral Purity Movement” supplement the heart-breaking and sometimes humorous profiles of some of the most infamous women in history.

Paperback: 232 pages, 6” x 9′”, 31 b/w photos, 8 illustrations, index, glossary, 48 softcovers per case, perfect bound