Handmade Jewelry by COMMONFORM, Bozeman MT:

We design and produce Commonform locally in Bozeman, Montana. We are guided by our belief that good design is for everyone, and aim to make effortless, modern pieces that are both high-quality and affordable.


We still can’t get over the stunning Kelly Reilly – as Beth Dutton – wearing our quill hoops on Yellowstone this season. These earrings are very special to us, and were one of our first designs when the jewelry line was born by our founder while working at a guest ranch in Paradise Valley, Montana – just outside of Yellowstone National Park. They continue to be one of our favorites in the collection.


Porcupine quills mounted in a .22 bullet casing, these feel like the perfect fit for Beth Dutton. Individually sanded by hand, the sharp ends have been removed from each quill before assembly at our studio in Bozeman, Montana.

Made in Montana | Photos & description courtesy of