Carl Discovers Wildlife Art” by Lynn Estes Friess, is a delightful tale of an inquisitive chipmunk that is always asking questions and always wanting answers. Carl the chipmunk loves to read and is, always reading. It is through reading; Carl finds answers to his many questions.Carl becomes fascinated with activity going on at the local museum, the National Museum Wildlife Art located in Jackson Hole, WY. When he and his father gain entrance to the inside of the museum Carl is awestruck. The artists and their paintings provide the inspiration to a goal that Carl wants to attain.Carl endeavors to put his plan in motion. His enthusiasm and dedication to his project motivate him to study the oldest art form in the world- wildlife art, and through perseverance and determination, Carl achieves his goal! Noted Landscape artist John Potter visually engages children with his vivid illustrations.Carl Discovers Wildlife Art is a “Moms Choice” silver award winner.