Indian Hunters Return

Original: 1900, Oil on Canvas

Indian Hunters’ Return captures the excitement and relief that greets a small party of Blook hunters as they return to camp.  Nestles among leafless cottonwoods that provide protection from harsh winter winds, the camp quickly comes together to preserve the bison meat and hides.  The presence of European trade goods, colorful blankets, and metal pot lying in the snow beneath a cooking tripod foreshadow the coming demise of their traditional way of lift.

Many visitors to the Mackay home in New Jersey spoke of the beauty of the painting, but that it was ruined by the blood on the ground being lapped up by the camp dogs.  When Russell heard of their complaints, he told MacKay “Tell ’em that’s the way it was, and I’m not going to change it.”

Dimensions: 39 x 28 inches

Material: Printed on paper