An Authentic Montana Voice: The Architecture and Art of Phill Korell

by Mark Gelernter

Designs Inspired by Western Landscape & Culture from Montana Architect Phil Korell.
For over sixty years, Montana architect Phil Korell has created buildings of exceptional beauty and delight. Raised on a ranch outside Utica, Montana, and educated at the University of Washington in traditional methods of design, he learned how to shape buildings in harmony with our distinctive Western landscapes and traditional Montana culture.
The influence of Western landscape and culture infuses his designs with a deep and satisfying sense of authenticity. Because these buildings feel like they belong to a treasured place and time, when we experience them they cause us to feel like we belong to something special and bigger than ourselves.
This desirable feeling is unfortunately rare in much contemporary architecture, making Phil’s work all the more valuable for us to study today. To help others who would like to create this feeling in their own buildings, this book explains how Phil designs, it uncovers many of his key design concepts, and it shows examples of his most distinctive work. This is intended to help designers in different locations and cultures to assess their own conditions and then derive their own authentic ideas.

Hardcover: 134 pages