The C.M. Russell Museum staff is ethically prohibited from providing appraisal, authentication, or estimation of value of any object or work of art. You can find a certified appraiser at However, with a little research, you can find a lot of answers on your own. To help you with your research, we have gathered some resources that can be found here.

*Due to the large number of inquiries the C.M. Russell Museum may not be able to return calls or emails concerning these topics.

Our curator is often heavily scheduled or traveling, therefore, an appointment is required. Due to availability, all appointments will need to be scheduled four weeks in advance. When making an appointment, please state the reason for your call and leave your information. In most cases, questions can be answered through your own research or by another staff member at the museum. To request an appointment, please email with the information listed above.

How wonderful! Each piece (artwork, research material, ephemera, etc.) that is offered to the museum’s permanent collection is reviewed by the Acquisition Committee to ensure it fits within the museum’s collection. The committee is made up of community members, board members, as well as museum staff. To offer a piece to the museum and begin the acquisition process, please contact

Due to regular rotations of exhibits at the C.M. Russell Museum, we cannot promise that gifts and donations will be on display at any given time. Only a small percentage of the museum’s permanent collection is displayed at one time. When not on display, items are secured in high quality storage and used for research and/or educational purposes. Whether your gift is on display or not, we care for all of our collection with the highest standards and regard. We are always grateful for the support and enhancement your gift makes to our collection.

You are always welcome to come visit a gift or a donation and can inquire as to whether it is on current display or not. Staff will need a detailed description of the gift/donation, including the name of the donor and year of donation, in order to complete your inquiry. If it is not on display you must make an appointment four weeks in advance of your visit. To inquire, please email

*The museum cannot guarantee that the work will be on display at the time of your visit.