Like so many before him, Olaf Carl Seltzer (1877-1957) was not born to the American West, but became defined by it. Pulled by the currents of the Atlantic Ocean and the waves of immigrants searching for a better life, the young Dane soaked in the people, culture, and landscape of central Montana, where he made his permanent home in 1892.

Great Falls was a growing urban city on the banks of the Missouri River that was both picturesque and steeped in history. The surrounding area saw the passage of explorers Meriwether Lewis, William Clark, Sacagawea, and Jim Bridger and was home to a number of tribes throughout the centuries. O.C. Seltzer gravitated toward portraying this history in his artwork, while at the same time his long career as a machinist with the railroads – a job that had him traveling across Montana and into Canada – made him witness to a changing west.

Come see the artwork of O.C. Seltzer – learn about his technique, friendship with C.M. Russell, and even his bug collection!

OC Seltzer The Outpost