There are many reasons why Charles M. Russell made Montana his home. At first, it was the chance to experience a rapidly disappearing way of life and the working cowboy culture that pulled him westward. In time, it became the people, their traditions, history and values, and the incomparable landscape that made him stay, ultimately falling in love with Montana and the American West. The love was reflected through each and every piece of art he made, highlighting the uniqueness of the time and this place.

Partnered with the Montana Cowboy Hall of Fame, Tales from the Saddle: Come Ride Along explores how the West evolved, yet the horse remained a constant. Future interpretations in this gallery will look at the cultures, pioneer women, and the changing ways of life in the West.

Thank you to the generous sponsors of this exhibition: Tales form the Saddle: Come Ride Along, Stockman Bank, and anonymous donors. For more information on the Montana Cowboy Hall of Fame, please visit