Internship Opportunities

Experience firsthand the life and times of one of the most well-known Western artists, Charles Marion Russell, while gaining valuable experience toward your career future. With one of the largest collections of work and personal effects of Charlie Russell, the C.M. Russell Museum offers a unique opportunity to observe his growth as an artist as well as gain a deeper understanding of the environmental, cultural, and personal contexts that shaped his work and the spirit of the West. Through access to art collections that document the history of a disappearing culture, celebrate the traditions of native peoples, and depict the topography and landscape of the West, interns can observe and record the defining changes that have occurred over time.

In addition to the abundant opportunities at the museum, the community of Great Falls and the surrounding areas offer a wealth of resources. By extending research and learning to the campus of Montana, interns have the opportunity to explore the Northern Plains Indian culture and the life of early explorers such as Lewis and Clark; to witness the impacts of settlers, industrialization, and agriculture on the Western frontier; to experience the landscape and events that inspired Russell to move to the West; and to visit with other western artists, and to learn more about the valuable role art, culture, and history play in small communities. With this abundance of resources, interns from a variety of backgrounds will find the C.M. Russell Museum to be a rich, dynamic learning environment.

We invite you to join the team of artists and professionals who share the passion for the West and the life of the man who helped secure its legacy ….Charlie Russell.

Dufresne Scholar Award

As part of the museum’s greater educational mission, the Dufresne Scholar Award Internship is to expand the museum’s role as a national learning institution and center of inquiry. We seek to foster a widespread community of individuals and institutions that look to the arts as not only a means of personal enjoyment, but also as an invaluable tool for understanding cultural traditions, history, the environment, and the human experience. Through our internship program, we hope to empower aspiring professionals who are dedicated to the lives and stories that have shaped our world, thereby ensuring the viability and integrity of our nation’s cultural, historical, and educational institutions.

Internship Program

Interns will work under the supervision of a member of the museum’s staff and will perform tasks that accommodate their interests, skills, and experience, as well as the museum’s needs at the time of application.  In addition to carrying out the museum responsibilities associated with their job description, interns will acquire skills in time management, project planning, interpersonal communication, and public speaking.

The C.M. Russell Museum strongly believes that an internship must be a mutually beneficial educational experience for the intern and the museum.  In addition, the museum recognizes the importance of exploring how the museum fits into a greater community context and encourages the intern to explore the variety of cultural opportunities that Great Falls and the state of Montana have to offer.  Therefore, additional learning opportunities will be made available to the intern, and will include such activities as:
•      opportunities to participate in publication of museum documents
•      opportunities to design and implement projects
•      public presentations on museum collections
•      family programs and exhibition openings
•      field trips and/or passes to other local museums
•      staff luncheons

Internship Opportunities

Each year, the museum offers a 10-week internship to a single individual in one of the following two areas: museum management or research/project design. Applicants will be matched to internships based on qualifications, interests, and departmental needs.

1) Museum Management
The Museum Management Intern will provide departmental support in a variety of projects depending on departmental needs at the time of the internship.

2) Research and Project Design Intern
The Research and Project Design Intern will provide research skills and expertise in the research and development of educational programming, special exhibitions, or published materials.  Graduate students are encouraged to apply this opportunity to ongoing graduate research or thesis topics.  We encourage graduate students from the following disciplines to apply: education, art education, museum studies, curatorial, anthropology, history, art history, and Native American studies.

Who should apply?
We encourage applicants from diverse backgrounds and academic disciplines to apply. The Museum Management Internship is open to undergraduate juniors and seniors, recent graduates, or graduate students. The Research and Project Design Internship is open to graduate or doctoral students.

Stipend – $3300

Application Process

Download 2018 internship description here.

Download the 2018 application here.

Please send applications to the following:

C.M. Russell Museum
Education and Programs Manager
400 13th Street North
Great Falls, MT 59401

or Email:

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