Charlie’s Friends

Making the Museum a Center of Life

Welcome to Charlie’s Friends, a network of spirited Great Falls residents who seek to embrace the museum as their chosen gathering place to socialize, make connections, and have fun through a variety of events.  A Charlie-inspired commitment to good friends, Western art, big laughs and bigger stories takes center stage in this evolving group.

Who are Charlie’s Friends? People who…

  • Engage in sharing the culture, life and terrain of Russell’s West with Excellence.
  • Explore new and innovative exhibitions.
  • Encourage growing the scholarly capabilities of the C.M. Russell Museum.
  • Entice others to appreciate Charlie Russell as the heart and soul of Western Art.

The C.M. Russell Museum strives to uphold Charlie’s lessons and legacy while being an active part of the local and global community.  Originally opening on the Fourth of July in 1930, the museum has steadily made friends all around the world. Today, 16 galleries showcase a variety of permanent and short-term exhibitions and are home to the original Russell House and Studio, a National Historic Landmark.

What Can I Expect When Becoming One of Charlie’s Friends?

  • Regular social events featuring music, food, and fun experiences within the museum
  • Invitations to participate in subcommittees that focus on substantive museum issues including:
    • Exhibitions
    • The Russell Exhibition & Sale
    • Facilities
    • Marketing
    • Development
    • Docents

Who Should Become a Member of Charlie’s Friends?

  • Energetic Great Falls area residents who seek to foster more social engagement with an intellectual community around the arts
  • Individuals who value a chance to unite with other respected individuals in a celebration of Great Falls and the C.M. Russell Museum
  • Men and women who will proudly advocate the museum’s priorities and needs within their respective social circles

Mark your calendar for our kick-off event on November 10th with Yabba Griffiths.

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